"Health is not merely of the body. It is the expression of the body, mind and soul when they
are in rhythm with the one life." -Dr. Randolph Stone

Dancing Bear Center offers classes for the professional bodyworker and for anyone 
interested in personal growth and development or seeking a career change.  
We are an approved training program through the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA).
The Dancing Bear Center program consists of 185 hours of study in 
the art and science of Polarity Therapy at the APP level of training.
The hours are broken down into 150 hours of classroom time, 30 hours of out of class practice,
and an additional 5 hours of receiving sessions from a Registered Polarity Practitioner.  
The program content includes Orthodox and Energetic Anatomy, Principles and Theory of
Polarity Therapy and Energy Medicine, Energetic Evaluation and Energetic Bodywork Protocols, 
Energetic Communication skills, Practitioner skills of engagement with the Energy systems, 
Polarity stretching exercises, Polarity nutritional awareness, self-care and energy hygiene, and
Business Ethics for the Energy Practitioner.

Our group meets 8 times, one weekend per month for 3 day modules or sometimes 4 day modules.
 Each day includes lectures, demonstrations, and bodywork exchanges.
Some classes are dedicated to polarity nutrition and polarity yoga.
As we move along in the program clinical practicums are included.
Homework assignments and review questions are used to assure the students understanding
of the material and the ability to apply that knowledge in clinical practice. 

There is an application form to fill out and you can call or email us to begin that process.

Please call us or email us for further information on our APP program including tuition fees.

406 270-8129


BEGINS MARCH 18th- 20th




-Working with Disabilities- "energetic options for reducing pain & suffering"          
This is a workshop that offers techniques from Polarity Therapy & Energy Healing that can help reduce the pain and suffering of debilitating diseases including MS, Arthritis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s.  These are not curative techniques but what they do is help those dealing 
with these diseases live a more pain free lifestyle.  We will be working with several different energy maps including Nervous System balancing, energetic spinal balancing, energetic foot work, simple Polarity Yoga movements, essential oils that offer pain reduction, and we will take a look at foods from an energetic point of view & how they vitalize the systems with high life force energy and foods that feed the brain. 

-Nervous System Balance-"an energetic approach to stress"                   
 Come and explore an experiential workshop with an energetic  approach to balancing the Nervous System and negotiating stress in the body.  Chronic stress & unresolved trauma can cause a multitude of health concerns including headaches, pain, digestive disorders and sleep problems to name a few.   This class offers energetic techniques, energetic movement and exercises along with anatomy from an energy model of Health, Balance and Body Awareness.  The participants will learn tools to help themselves and their clients 
manage stress and bring balance and restored energy back to the nervous system. 

-Intro to “Polarity Therapy”                                              
Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive healing modality that has its roots in the Ayurvedic science of health & wellness.  This workshop 
offers the participants an opportunity to begin exploring this dynamic approach to health and healing.  You will learn basic hands on balancing techniques, specific movements & exercise, elemental food awareness, and self awareness techniques you can use for yourself and your clients.  This workshop gives you a basic overview of what the entire 185 hour Associate Polarity Practitioner program encompasses at Dancing Bear Center.


-Practitioner Skills- "the art of Presence"                                     
This workshop is for new and seasoned Bodyworkers of any modality and for those practicing psychotherapy.  This offers the participants a deepening into their own awareness’s and perceptions and expanding into the bigger field of potential and Intelligence.  We begin by finding our own core self and a neutral place of stillness.  We will learn how to come into relationship from this neutral place with another being.  Then from a place of openness & true listening to the Health that is already being expressed in every moment, we can experience an unfolding of potential for greater expression of Health to occur.  This is truly a heart-felt journey.
-Earth Chakra Intro      
The Earth Element is our place of support & foundation, safety & protection.  It is our place of embodiment.  When it is balanced we have courage & we are able to trust and surrender to the flow of life.  When it is unbalanced we experience fear & anxiety.  Spend a day working with this element and learning balancing techniques specific to the Earth Element.
-Water Chakra Intro     
The Water Element is all about our ability to create in this physical world.  It is how we nourish and nurture ourselves.  We come to the waters to cleanse & purify and begin to renew our spirits and our bodies.  When water is balanced we are open and receptive and able to let go with ease.  When water is unbalanced we become attached, dependent and needy.  Learn techniques to open the creative aspect of yourself.
-Fire Chakra Intro              
The Fire Element is all about personal power.  It is the motivating factor to call us into action.  It is our will and our drive.  When balanced 
we can take our ideas and put them into action.  We are forgiving and honoring of all life.  When unbalanced we feel anger and resentment which can become controlling and judging.  Learn how to work with your fire to create that which is your hearts' desires.
-Air Chakra Intro          
The Air Element is centered at the Heart.  What is your hearts desire?  This is all about movement, acceptance and our code of Integrity.  When balanced we are honest, compassionate, content and can see the equanimity of all life.  When unbalanced we are moving too fast, 
we become jealous of others and very dissatisfied with our lives.  Awaken your hearts' desires to a new level of awareness.
-Ether Chakra Intro           
Ether Element is the space of "I Am".  It is expansive, spacious and still.  It is where we stand within ourselves in a place of neutrality.  
When balanced we experience humility and deep respect for All that Is and we can feel true joy.  When unbalanced our pride and ego get in the way and separate us from our bliss.  This is the field of potential for your highest evolutionary aspects you have come to this earth to explore, create and manifest in this 3D world.
-Chakras' and 5 Element Integration    
Now we come to a place of Integration within our fields of expression and play through each element with a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we use our life force energy to add to the Light of this World.
-Energetic Spinal Balancing        
This workshop offers an opportunity to explore the "tree of Life" our spine and its relationships through different energy maps and techniques.  The spine is the central channel of our nervous system and when balanced Heaven meets Earth.  We will look at spinal reflexology maps, spinal harmonic relationships, spinal clearing techniques and specific vertebrae and chakra correlations.  This is an experiential journey with bodywork exchanges during the day.  
-Energy Yoga & Self Care          
This is a fun and explorative half day workshop of Polarity Yoga movements and expression through the chakras & 5 elements.  This class offers self care techniques to stay in balance and to keep your energies moving and flowing.
-Energetic's of Reflexology-"Harmonic Zone Therapy"     
Come Explore various Harmonic Zone Reflexology maps of the Body.  These whole body zone maps can help unblock areas of stagnation occurring in other relational aspects of the body.  We will apply these maps to various situations and have bodywork time to explore reflexology treatments with a partner.
-Five Pointed Star- "energetic balancing"   
The five pointed star pattern is one of the sacred geometric patterns within our physical & electromagnetic field.  This star pattern is about the balance of the 5 elements that make up the physical body and the gravitational lines of force of this star that supports our body.
-Six Pointed Star- "energetic balancing"    
The six pointed star is an ancient archetypal pattern of perfection within our energy matrix and reflects both feminine and masculine energies in balance.  This sacred star pattern is an evolutionary pattern of Spirit melding with the Physical.  This pattern has direct connection to our Craniosacral System of Health and has great spiritual overtones for those on a spiritual quest. 


Energy Healing Intro: the kaleidoscope of healing techniques
This Intro class begins with teachings from the many healing perspectives I have studied including polarity therapy, craniosacral therapy, shamanic healing, esoteric healing, color and stone therapy, essential oils and more.  It is 
followed by the next two classes of Energy Healing Deepening parts 1 & 2 to go further into the applications of each healing perspective and how they can meld beautifully with each other or used as adjunct therapies along side already practiced modalities.   Explorers are welcome and this will be fun filled and a joyful experience for all who attend.

Energy Healing Deepening- part 1

Energy Healing Deepening- part 2