"As above, so below" 
"As within, so without"
The world around us is a reflection of who we are and what we think and feel!
May your world be blessed with Beauty, Splendor, Magnificense and Abundance.
Welcome to Dancing Bear Center
near Glacier National Park 

The Dancing Bear came to me during a sweat lodge ceremony 
in the mountains of Wyoming.
I was being asked to embrace the Great Bear.
And I did.

My name is Lynne Ann Kogut and I am the founder of Dancing Bear Center.  
I am a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, a Registered Polarity Educator 
and Reiki Master.     
I retired as a Licensed Massage Therapist after over 30 years of practice.
I have studied indigenous healing practices from a medicine man of the Shoshone tribe 
and I studied in the Inca/Peruvian traditions of the Andes. 
My focus is on personal and planetary healing.  
I use a variety of energy healing techniques, sacred ceremony 
and deep intentional prayer work.

    You can enjoy a private session with me or attend the various classes 
and workshops in energy healing I offer.  
I have a love for the Great Mother- Pachamama and I adore her beauty in her gems, minerals and stones and all that is natural and pure.   
 Precious stones and minerals are often a part of the session work as are the          
Pure Essential Oils which are diffused and used particularly on the feet.  
  Sacred healing ceremonies are a large part of a shamans work 
and are offered individually and for the community.

Dancing Bear Center offers small intimate adult education classes for a deeper
experiential process for the participants.  We also offer a Polarity Therapy training at the foundational level in Associate Polarity Principles of knowledge.  
See the school page for information.
Private sessions are a blend of years of study and trainings and are co-created with you to fit your personal needs.

406 270-8129