-Polarity Therapy Practitioner
-Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
-Shamanic Practitioner
-Reiki Healing
-Chakra & Endocrine System Balancing 
(The above therapies have online options using the zoom platform)
-Stone & Crystal Healing
​-Ordained Minister of the Order of Melchizedek
-Essential Oil Modulations- personal blending based on each individuals archetypal patterns and life journey
-Indigenous Healing practices and Ceremonialist
Ceremonies in the Inca/PeruvianTraditions 
 *Full Moon Fire Ceremonies 
 *Despacho Ceremonies

Classes and Workshops available:

Introduction to Polarity Therapy Principles-
Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive healing modality that has its roots in the Ayurvedic science of health & wellness.  You will learn basic hands on balancing techniques, specific movements & exercise, elemental food awareness, and self awareness techniques. 

Nervous System Balancing
Manage stress and bring balance and restored energy back to the nervous system. 
We will explore our spine which is the "tree of life" along with its relationships through different energy maps and techniques. 

Stone Therapy
​This is a fun and color filled journey through the chakra system and an out picturing of the self through the stone energies. We create a mandala of the self with the beauty of the stones and then apply that wisdom to our own energy systems by the laying on of stones upon the body. This offers deep healing to our soul and our whole being. 

For the Love of Oils
​This is a series of classes devoted to each system of the body and learning to blend your own oils to bring balance and harmony to these body systems. We will be looking at oils for the nervous system, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, integumentary system and oils for spiritual practices and enhancing our level of consciousness to a place of calm and peace.  

Basic Shamanic practices
Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man and dates back 30-40,000 years. Indigenous tribes all over the world had someone in their community who could contact and work with the unseen world, by altering their state of consciousness, and work with compassionate and helping spirits to help individuals or the tribe, as well as themselves. The practice of Shamanism is a living viable method to mend our fragmented spirits, obtain consistent and reliable answers and guidance, and live our lives in a conscious and powerful way.

Shamanic Journeying  "the path of connection"
This is a beginners offering into the realms of the unseen for assistance and a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.
Journeying is about connecting to your deeper and older wise self and finding allies or helper spirits that often take on archetypal figures and patterns. These helper spirits often have personal messages that are significant to that individuals journey through life. The helper spirits can also be sign posts for specific directions that one can choose on their life path. We meet once per month and as we grow together in our journey experience we go deeper into healing not only ourselves but also our planet.

Soul Crafting
A fun filled day of journeying, journaling, drumming, and crafting soul cards for personal transformation and Personal Divination.

​The Andean Shamans say,
 "Follow your own footsteps.  Learn from the rivers, the trees, and the rocks.  Honor the Christ, the Buddha, and your brothers and sisters. 

Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.

Honor yourself and all of creation.

Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential."





Lynne Ann Kogut


406 270-8129
​In these uncharted territories of life, we are all working to find balance, truth, honor and respect for all beings.  My practice is changing like so many others.  There is no going back to what was, only moving forward to what needs to be.  I am taking life's impulses to shift the way I practice my work to an online presence.    Everything is energy and these energy practices I offer can assist in these times of less touch or less close encounters. They help us to manage our own personal energy and help us to continue to grow, heal and transform our lives.  They transcend time and space. The time/space continuum is non-linear and non-local.
​Sending love your way.....  

"Health is not merely of the body. It is the expression of the body, mind and soul when they
are in rhythm with the one life." -Dr. Randolph Stone