Dancing Bear Center

Lynne Ann Kogut, BCST

Polarity Therapy Practitioner
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Shamanic Practitioner 
Reiki Master
​Ceremonialist from the Inca/Peruvian tradition of the Andes

"Retired" Licensed Massage Therapist in NC, CO, MT 
"Retired" Board Certified Polarity

​Located near Glacier National Park in
Columbia Falls, MT



Some thoughts from those who have experienced Lynne's teachings and her work over the years.....

My name is Bev and I have MS. Lynne at Dancing Bear Center has been my massage and energy healer for years now and I would like everyone to know how great I think she is.  MS has affected me from the waist down, leaving me with no movement in my legs, so I am wheelchair bound but with a great deal of pain in my lower back, sacrum, and right leg.  Lynne has done a lot of research on my behalf and has come up with essential oils, massage and energy techniques that have really helped relieve my pain.  She is exceptionally knowledgeable.  Whether you have pain from MS or any other reason, you would do well by giving her a call.

"Lynne is a gifted teacher and healer. She has provided me with techniques I utilize personally as well as with my patients and their family members. Her therapies offer comfort and relief from pain and suffering on many levels. They provide a valuable compliment to traditional healthcare and promotes a pro-active approach to a person's health and well-being."

-Lori Mitchell, RN, Hospice Nurse

"Unprocessed life experiences become stored in our body and block vital energy flow. Lynne is masterful in the art of unblocking vital energy in the body."

-Linda L. Hunter, LPC, CCSW, CRC

"Lynne has the skill and presence to help many on a very high level."

-Dr. Paul Aaron, Chiropractor

"I searched for years for the right kind of therapy or combination of treatment.  Then I met Lynne- and wow, did she make a difference.  Lynne is experienced and trained in a variety of modalities.  I went to Lynne following the recommendation of my hairdresser.  I was curious about her offerings for relieving frequent headaches.  After the first session I found relief.  Lynne seemed to know how to deliver what I needed.  I asked alot of questions and learned that Lynne offered Polarity Yoga classes as well.  I have been under Lynne's care for years now and I feel so much better.  I am more comfortable and balanced than I have been in 10 years." 
- Anne M   

I just completed a weekend workshop with Lynne and I highly recommend her as a teacher, drawing on her many years of study and experience in a variety of modalities.  She shared the material with balance and ease and I especially appreciated her ability to accommodate my questions and she helped me to understand the practical applications.
- Sally S      

"I had been to see Lynne on several occasions for bodywork, but most recently for a back issue that has plagued me for quite some time.  Her patience and skillful holding techniques were amazing.  My back simply released in her hands.  She has a wonderfully caring and professional presence as well as a masterful touch, and is a gifted teacher as well.  Her classes are informal and relaxed, but informative and with the crucial hands-on practice element that cements the lessons within the student's mind.  I've been able to utilize some of the techniques I have learned from Lynne with my own clients with positive outcomes.     
                                             -Marie G, LMT

Negative thoughts and fears make grooves in the mind as negative energy waves of despondency and hopelessness.
We cannot think negative thoughts and reap positive results.
Therefore we must assert the positive and maintain a positive pattern of thinking and acting as our ideal!
Dr. Stone