I have been a student all of my life.  I am also a teacher, healer, yoga connoisseur, indigenous ceremonialist, and a lover of all things natural and pure.  I am a health & wellness consultant and have been in the health field since 1974.  I began my health career in the fitness industry managing health and fitness facilities for over 12 years.  I love to move my body and I learned how to do that through yoga, aerobics, weight training, swimming, walking, hiking and running.  During those years I was a certified aerobic instructor and also taught beginners yoga classes. 
  I became interested in the "healing arts" after my own profound experience in receiving Massage and Reiki Healing.  I loved receiving bodywork and felt called to learn how to offer it to others.  I enrolled in Massage School in 1987.  I  also worked in the Health Food Industry while in school and learned about "real" healthy food and nutrition, herbs and vitamins.

  After graduating from massage school, I began studying the more subtle energy systems of the body including Reiki Healing with several teachers,  Integrative Reflexology with Clair Marie Miller, a two year program in Esoteric Healing with Dinah Lawson from Britain and then Color Therapy with 
Nishant Matthews. I have intuitively been working with color & stone therapy since 1990. 

I completed my Polarity Therapy Training at the (RPP) level in 2000 with Janice Marie Durand at the 
Tree of Life Center in North Carolina.  I became interested in Craniosacral Therapy and I began studying in the field in 1991.  My first intro class was with Dr. Michael Shea. I continued with the Upledger Institute but found that I wanted to work with an even subtler, more energetic system and so I completed my studies in 2009 at the Colorado School of Energy Studies.

In 2009 I also completed an intensive training in ancient indigenous healing practices. 
I feel that Spirit was guiding me towards this time with gentle hands moving me forward into holding more sacredness within and these ancient practices have stood the test of time.
This training is based on healing practices from the Inca/Peruvian Traditions of the Andes. 
My teachers, Ginger & Dale Lee of SacredWays Colorado initiated my husband and I into these native practices which have deep spiritual significance.  We are the mediators between the seen and unseen worlds.  We are the caretakers of the Earth.  We love the Earth and we give back to the Earth.  I am a ceremonialist in the Inca/Peruvian traditions of the Andes and I offer Full Moon Fire Ceremonies for personal healing and Despacho Ceremonies for healing of the Earth, our Great Mother-Pachamama.  
What the native healers knew all along and science now confirms, we live in a space/time continuum that is non-linear where everything is available, in the moment, as all is happening simultaneously.  We have the potential to change our destiny, our reality and our experience in this very moment.  Our past, our present and our future are all available to us now. 

   Pure Essential Oils are an integral part of my session work.  I have studied with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky and his Spiritual PhytoEssencing Program.  This is a wonder filled approach to the oils in 
creating a synthesis of certain aspects of the Kabbalah, aromatherapy, plant signatures, archetypal patterns, chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, alchemy, gemstone healing and color therapy.  The process matches the soul of the plants, their Essential Oils, with the person's real self, their soul self.  This is a beautiful way to work with one who is on their spiritual journey. 

I am an Ordained Minister of the Order of Melchizedek which is a teaching and healing ministry and I blend all of my knowledge, wisdom and trainings in each of my private sessions and my teachings. 

    Stones, Minerals & Gems are a passion of mine and I am an avid rock-hounder and stone collector,  collecting and working with stones since I was in the 4th grade.  In session work with
people I use the energy of the stones for the color, light and sacred geometric codes within them.

At 70 years of age now I practice by the promptings of SPIRIT.  I retired from the corporate world and the
minions within that world.  My eyes have been opened, my mind continues to awaken, and I follow the guidance from within and from the ONE.   I can hear and follow the guidance of The luminous ones, the Holy ones and the members of my ancient lineage who are the guardians and protectors of Life, Freedom and most of all INTELLIGENCE.  

                            BLESSED BE....

"Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms." 
-Dr Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy